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SOMINTEC is a company made up of professionals from the new technologies and complaints management sector. Founded in 2015, the company is involved in more than 100 projects with municipalities and public administrations and has developed complete solutions in the field of regulated parking, local police, tow truck management and processing. The great flexibility that SOMINTEC offers in each project allows applications to be integrated into the client’s environment, with the operations of digitizing and optimizing the objective in a simple and efficient way.

  • Digitization of public administration
  • Centralized management of complaints
  • Parking zone control
  • Handling complaints of regulated parking
  • Sanctions for city police in mobility
  • Management of proposals for sanctions of “radars, red lights, access cameras, LEZ (lown emission zone”
  • Custom integrations
  • Administrative implementation
  • Parking mobile payment

Complete management of all devices

We improve your service by mobility to your digital infrastructure

Regulated parking zone

OS Parking offers all the tools for the digitalized management of S.E.R. regulated parking.

City police

SOM-Pol allows polices to manage the issuance of penalties on the street and to validate the proposals for complaints generated by control devices.


It allows to issue proposals from the crane operator or from the head office, to assign the tasks to the available crane operators and to manage the warehouse.


SOM-Tram allows to manage the processing of the municipality's sanctions from the notification to the user to the management of the allegations.

SOMINTEC offers a set of mobile applications and programs to digitize and facilitate the management of sanctions for public administrations


Mobile application for police and parking enforcers

SOM-Den Web

Complaints solution.
- Mobility application
- Centralised administration


Mobile payment and return, 100% secure payment with Redsýs


integrations and developments tailored to the client on demand


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