Mobility sanctions management

SOM-PDA is a mobile application (for Android devices) that allows city polices and regulated parking guards to issue sanctions on the street and manage towing operations. Thanks to its intuitive design, SOM-PDA offers a simple, efficient and complete management of reports of regulated parking, traffic or any other ordinance. Its compatibility with bluetooth printers allows the bulletin to be issued immediately to notify the offender. More than 500 agents use SOM-PDA daily in Spain.


  • Secure access for users through username and password, encrypted data and communications.
  • Creation of any type of complaint in less than 30 seconds.
  • Online and offline working mode (downloading the complaints created from the central).
  • ANPR: Built-in license plate recognition for license plate detection with continuous detection mode (camera open).
  • Smart search and autocomplete mode in all the fields of the report and of the vehicles already reported.
  • Repeat the last complaint to speed up the work.
  • Functionalities of reprinting, charging and canceling a previously created complaint.
  • Online title validation for regulated parking.
  • Complaint proposal module for the use of “Visual Car” for regulated parking and city police.
  • Messaging modules and notices to interact with the central.
  • Geolocation and tracking of security guards.
  • Consultation and notices according to lists of special license plates and vehicles already reported.
  • Check the history of detections made by any device.
  • Configurable double pass mode to prevent reporting on the first detection.
  • Connection with DGT ATEX 5 to obtain vehicle and owner data.
  • Generation of notebook reference 60 of modality 2 and 3 and cancellation codes for parking meters.
  • Compatibility with bluetooth devices for printing newsletters and collecting complaints.
  • Centralized and automated updates without the intervention of any technician.
  • Wide range of compatible mobile devices and printers. Through analysis in our laboratory, we adapt to any device on demand.